A story made of taste and delicious quality

60 years of artisanal cured meats

For over sixty years we have been keeping alive the handmade production of Veronese could cut making,
handing down trought generations the traditional genuine recipes. The love for this job, the attachment to farming origins
and the will to produce today the very same tastes as they used to be long ago, these are the strenghts that have always been distinguishing our work.

Today like yesterday, today more than yesterday.

tradition and innovation

Typical products, with a rich and genuine taste, processed in respect of tradition and quality. Poltronieri Salumi’s production has made great steps forward in these decades. Along years, we have joined the traditionale processing of the artisan workshop with new and advanced production techniques, in order to guarantee the best of quality, hygiene and safety.

A quality reality.

we take care of every product from start to finish 

The production premises are compliant with the latest EEC legislation and it represents a functional and technically advanced site. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, we commit ourselves to follow, step by step, the whole productive chain, from cutting to ageing, guaranteeing the rigorous control of each productive phase and thus responding to the needs of a consumer that is getting more and more careful and demanding.