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For about 10 years we have embraced the concept of organic because it is in line with the quality that we want to express in each product. The raw material derives from pigs raised according to the rigorous organic regulations which lead the animals to have large spaces in which to raid, an organic diet and a lower environmental impact.


The quality of fresh meat is the secret to obtaining high quality products. We have always selected and used only the best cuts, in constant collaboration with the producers of the raw materials. Strengthened by the experience gained, we have created a line of fresh products to satisfy even the daily consumption of quality meat.

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Cured meats for us are identity and passion, an indissoluble combination that has always represented us. We draw our knowledge from tradition and in constant evolution we maintain the genuine flavor of history, guaranteeing the highest standards of food quality. From cold cuts with large calibers to smaller ones, our assortment can bring joy to everyone’s table.

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